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"Nicky" - Single available now!

Lyrics by Abbey Cox
Music by Andre Marques / Abbey Cox

Abbey Cox - Vocals

Andre Marques - Drums, Bass and Electric Guitars, Synths

Recorded at Hoylake Studios - London, UK

Produced by Andre Marques

©Abbey Cox, Andre Marques 2021

"Thin Walls" EP

It consists of 3 songs:

1 - What Is Time

2 - What I'm Gonna Wear *

3 - The Tap Song

All Music and Lyrics by Abbey Cox

except * (Music by Abbey Cox & Andre Marques)

Abbey Cox - Vocals, Keys, Tapping

Andre Marques - Drums, Bass and Electric Guitar, Keys

Recorded at SP'AM Studios - Sintra, Portugal

Produced by Andre Marques

©Abbey Cox, Andre Marques 2020

Who are we? 


We're just two souls trying to find our way in this world. Using our music as our portal to different worlds, different teachings, different perspectives and the ultimate questions of life. Music runs in our blood and after meeting each other it made sense to create this project and musical experience.

Our Project

It would be rude to take full credit for our tracks as many songs along the way have simply fallen into our laps and presented themselves at the most random times and the most remarkable speed. We don't base our music on any particular genre and one thing is for sure, each track and album is destined to be very different and unique. It's been a healing journey for us and hopefully our music will heal and inspire anyone in similar circumstances. 


He is Portuguese. She is English. 
He speaks perfect English. She doesn't speak much Portuguese. We have always had a way of communicating that exceeds any language. 
That is also how we work. No words used, no planning, it just flows and it's pretty wonderful.

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